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Hogan Brown has represented individuals whose extradition has been requested by a wide range of countries where the offences alleged to have been committed have ranged from fraud to drug trafficking.

In particular we have a great deal of experience in dealing with requests from Spain and Germany.

We have particularly expertise in contesting extradition proceedings on the grounds that double jeopardy and/or an abuse of the legal process may have occurred. We have also deployed arguments founded on Human Rights considerations including the risks of arbitrary detention, an unfair trial or torture.

Most recently we have enjoyed a degree of success in challenging a number of European arrest warrants. These form the basis of the majority of the extradition requests heard in the UK. European extradition requests are typically very difficult to resist but often we have been able to challenge them on the basis that the matters for which the European state requires extradition have, to a large extent, already been dealt with domestically.

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